UKC Contributor Guidelines

UKClimbing articles cover all aspects of climbing and mountaineering. We publish articles weekly from a variety of authors, both professional and amateur.

  1. I would like to write an article for UKClimbing

    We welcome proposals for contributions from everyone, although we can't promise to publish everything. Please do not send us unsolicited work - in the first instance it's a pitch that we are after. Please send us:

    -A one-paragraph proposal outlining your idea.

    -A sample paragraph of the proposed article, a draft introduction for example.

    -A brief run-down of any previous writing credentials.

    -Sample photographs to accompany the writing (see below).

  2. What about images?

    We can't publish words alone. As a rule we are looking for a words-and-pictures package, with high quality images to go alongside the engaging, thoughtful text. Depending on the length of the article, we may end up publishing 10 or more images, and will generally ask for a larger selection from which to make our choice. Occasionally an author will not have enough suitable photographs, and in that case we may agree to source images elsewhere: please be up-front about this in the pitch! 

    -With the initial pitch please send four of your best sample images.

    -All images should be numbered chronologically, with an accompanying numbered caption sheet. 

    -Jpeg format.

  3. How/where do I submit my pitch?
    Please send all pitches to Pitches should be a brief outline of your idea with any links to previous writing. 
  4. What is the timsescale?
    Due to the high volume of emails we receive, we can't promise to respond to every pitch, but aim to do so within around two months. Please mark in the email title if your pitch is immediately newsworthy or otherwise timely.
  5. Is there any payment for articles?
    Yes, and we aim to pay contributors fairly and pay promptly upon receipt of invoices, sent after publication
  6. Word counts and deadlines?
    These are agreed at the time that work is commissioned.
  7. How do I find older Articles?
    We like to avoid repetition. Before submitting a proposal, please look at any existing articles on site that touch on the topic you'd like to write about. You can use the search link on this page to find older articles items from a particular month, or using keyword search.
  8. My photo has appeared in a UKC article.
    Occasionally we use photos from the UKC database to illustrate Articles. We do make efforts to contact people for permission first however it isn't always possible before an item/article is made public. If you find a photo of yours being used and don't wish it to be then please contact us and we will remove it.

Article Categories

  1. UKC Features - The main category for most of our articles. These can be written by UKC editorial or by third party authors and include a wide range of historical and cultural feature articles, interviews, creative pieces - we're pretty flexible!
  2. UKC In Focus - our long-form digital journalism features are reserved for high quality, in-depth visual stories.
  3. Destinations - Articles covering climbing and mountaineering destinations from around the world. Most of these articles are written as information guides for people wanting to travel there.
  4. Skills - Articles covering techniques and tips for climbing and mountaineering. Generally skills pieces are written by qualified guides, instructors or coaches.
  5. Photography - Advice and feature articles about climbing and mountaineering photography.
  6. Opinion - Op-Ed articles on typically current topics related to climbing and the outdoors.
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