Posting Guidelines

If you would like to report a message or thread that contravenes the guidelines below, then please Report Abuse here.

If you have a more general enquiry then you can use our Contact Us form.

If you have arrived here after receiving an email from the moderators, then please read this page carefully. After that, if you still feel that your post has been removed unreasonably then please Contact Us.

Forum Moderation

We avoid over moderation but if people stray outside the reasonable requests listed below, then their postings will be removed by the Forum Moderators and those who persistently offend will be banned from using the forums.

Moderating Questions

  1. Threads about the moderating - If you feel your message has been unreasonably deleted, or if you wish to complain about a post that you find offensive, then please get in touch with the moderators. Do not start another thread saying 'Why has my thread been deleted?' or complaining about censorship. Threads posted just to provoke the moderators into action will be removed.

Banned from Posting

Occasionally we restrict users from posting. This is done at our discretion and may be for a single offence or multiple small offences over a long period of time. Once banned you will not be able to post, view your profile, upload photos or use the UKC contact forms to email other users.

Posting restrictions are usually lifted after a short time if you contact us. We are more likely to lift restrictions for people who have made some attempt to understand why they might have been banned and approach us positively. Angry emails from people who are under the impression that their human rights have been violated will be ignored.

General Post Content

  1. Which Forum? - We provide different forums for different types of discussion - please try to use the right one for your new topic, and don't post duplicates of your topic in more than one forum.
  2. Rude, abusive or offensive language - Messages which contain excessive and pointless swearing, or insults aimed at other people, or extreme offensive language will be removed. Joke or sarcastic responses may be removed if they make a thread feel unwelcome.
  3. Controversial opinions - Controversial opinions are suitable for discussion and are best confronted on the forums if you disagree with them. We will consider removing posts that are blatantly and overtly racist, sexist or politically dubious. We will also consider removing posts that unnecessarily derail threads or take them in a direction away from the general tone of the discussion.
  4. Mild bad language - Messages with mild bad language in the title or starter post will also be removed.
  5. Political propaganda - Don't use the forums to promote political messages. People who persistently start posts on the same extreme political topic will be banned from posting.
  6. Private information - Don't post private/personal information about people you know without asking their permission first. This includes posting the contents of emails without getting the permission of the sender.
  7. Personal relationship issues - This is a public forum and not the place for discussing specific personal relationship issues.
  8. 'Lads' style postings - Please refrain from crude and sexist comments about other posters, profile photographs or people in the wider media.
  9. Looking for a fight - Don't start threads which set out to look for trouble.
  10. Unqualified links - Don't post starter posts consisting of an unqualified link.
  11. Chatting with your mates - Please don't post personal messages to your mates.
  12. Dodgy links - Don't post links to pornographic, racist or other offensive web sites.

Commercial Posts

Promotion, Research, Surveys, Advertising, Other Websites and Blogs

  1. Promotion and advertising - Please use a Premier Post to promote or advertise on the forums. This includes free and charity events.
  2. Event promotion - Please use a Premier Post, the free UKC Event Listing pages and/or contact us for more promotion.
  3. Your own web site or blog - Use a Premier Post even if your site is non-commercial and contains no advertising. Alternatively, or contact us if you have non-commercial content that you think our readers might be interested in.
  4. Market research - Use a Premier Post at the 'Market research' rate.
  5. Surveys and study work - Please contact us first before posting since we have specific terms which you need to agree to.
  6. Web addresses in thread titles - Don't post web addresses in thread titles.
  7. Third-party commercial web sites - We don't allow starter posts and thread titles linking to third-party commercial sites even if you have no connection with the site in question.
  8. Complaints about third party businesses - Please contact us first if you have a complaint about a third party business.
  9. Looking for a job - Please use a Premier Post if you want to advertise your own services.
  10. Advertising for partners for MCI or WMCI Training - Please contact us first since we have strict terms agreed with the relevant organisations for people using the forums to find potential climbers for their training.
  11. For Sale Forum - We don't allow For Sale posts linking to external selling web sites or external photographs.

Posting Style

  1. UPPERCASE - Please don't write in UPPERCASE.
  2. Quote carefully - Please don't over-use the quoting feature. Be selective.
  3. Topic hijack - Try to stay on a topic.
  4. Unclear thread titles and half question thread titles - Please be clear in your thread title.
  5. Sentences and paragraphs - Please use them, they make posts easier to read.

User Profiles

  1. Unregistered users - Please register before posting unless you are a one-time poster on the Lost and Found forum.
  2. Rude and offensive User Names - Please choose acceptable user names.
  3. Commercial User Names - Please use a Commercial Profile.
  4. Impersonating others - Please don't impersonate other people. If someone is impersonating you then contact us.
  5. Be responsible for what gets posted under your name - Keep your profile log in safe.
  6. Second profiles - Don't create second profiles.
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